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Private SAT, ACT & Academic Tutoring

What kids are learning and how they’re learning it are two things that are constantly changing. As knowledge and technology evolve, students must evolve along with them for the best possible educational experience. When they’re juggling four or more learning subjects, higher education prep, extracurricular activities, and a home and social life to boot, it can be hard for kids to keep up. That’s where Just Knowledge Tutoring can help.

With over five years of experience and thousands of points in improved grades and test scores, Jacob Kartiganer of Just Knowledge Tutoring can provide the personalized learning solutions students need to thrive. From English to Math, to ACT and SAT test prep, his proven expertise spans a range of different areas that are crucial to a child’s learning and development.

Our convenient virtual tutoring option makes it possible for anyone, anywhere to benefit from Jacob’s compassion, training, and proven results.

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SAT, ACT & SSAT Tutoring in  Surrounding Areas

Standardized testing can be an intimidating experience for students, no matter what their grades look like. While it is important to know and understand the type of information that will appear on the test, a child’s success often comes down to how prepared they are for the testing process itself. When working with an SAT, ACT, or other standardized testing student, Just Knowledge tutoring uses a comprehensive approach to teach students test material, help them understand how the exam is designed, and give them the confidence they need to apply that knowledge.

Jacob has worked with countless students to thoroughly prepare them for the SAT, ACT, and SSAT. Time after time he has seen test scores improve and, more importantly, students become surer of themselves through the experience. His secret? Taking what they need to know and relating it to something they already care about and understand. This technique also helps him bond with his students, with the goal that they might actually enjoy the preparation process.

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Private Tutoring in Buffalo NY

Private English Tutoring & Coaching

In addition to standardized test preparation, we also offer private tutoring in English and Math for students in . Jacob has his MA in English and has experience teaching math up to and including grade 8. In our one-on-one tutoring sessions, we use a student’s assigned school material and our own supplemental learning resources to help them gain a more comprehensive understanding of a subject.

Our goal at Just Knowledge Tutoring is not only to fill in the gaps of a student’s knowledge, but also to cultivate relationships and inspire students to believe in themselves and take an interest in what they’re learning. We also strive to ensure they walk away with individualized learning tools and study skills that will be useful throughout their entire educational journey.

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If your child needs Math or English subject tutoring, or help preparing for the SAT, ACT, SSAT, Just Knowledge Tutoring has you covered. We’ll be happy to provide the learning solutions and individual attention they need to build their confidence, achieve their target scores, and expand their knowledge. Our goal is their success—and nothing less. That is why your first session is free when scheduled. 

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