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Hi, I'm Jacob

I'm an educator who started Just Knowledge Tutoring

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As an experienced tutor and multifaceted educator, I understand the effectiveness of personalized academia and cannot wait to help your child on their academic journey. At Just Knowledge Tutoring, I aim to personalize every session to meet the needs of each student and focus on areas in which the student has the potential to improve. Each session is flexible and designed to work with the student to complete their daily tasks and guide them from novice to professional. I do that in the most effective way possible—mastering the subject area and building lifelong, professional confidence.

About me:
Outside of my professional career, I am currently working on a novel, love and coach basketball, and am an avid reader of literary theory. I hope we can create a great experience for your child to learn and grow.
Contact me to learn more about the difference we can make together.

About Us: About Us

             My Experience

I'm an educator who started Just Knowledge Tutoring

Academic Test Prep Tutor, Jamie the Scholar LLC

August 2021 - Present

  • Implement in-depth SAT/ACT study and testing plans while evaluating sessions in Reading Comprehension, Writing, Grammar, and Science.

  • Teach style and structure required for all types of writing, from great literary essays to personal stories that catch the attention of college admissions readers.

  • Assess, record, and report on development, progress, and behavior of students and issue grades, progress reports, and report cards.

  • Maintain effective communications with staff and parents via written and electronic communication.

Academic Tutor, Lighten Academy, New York, NY

Janurary 2021- Present

  • Create a classroom culture that is welcoming, positive, and devotes the majority of time to instruction rather than discipline

  • Plan, prepare, and teach lessons, promoting the general progress and well-being of individual students and groups of students

  • Utilize a wide variety of teaching methods to create differentiated opportunities for deep understanding for all learners, including students with special needs

  • Assess, record, and report on development, progress, and behavior of students, issuing grades, progress reports, and report cards

​Tutor/Teacher, All-Pro SAT/ACT Tutoring, Amherst, NY                                                                            February 2019 – August 2021

  • Instruct small tutoring sessions with specialized lessons to improve students’ prospects of entering college: College Essay, GED, SAT, and ACT classes.

  • Increase mathematical and critical thinking comprehension as well as develop an understanding of higher-education academic standards.

  • Commute and plan location meetings accordingly with schools and/or parents for individual or group lessons.

ENL-ELA Content Specialist/Teacher, West Buffalo Charter School, Buffalo, NY             December 2018 – September 2020

  • Identify, select, and modify instructional resources to meet needs of students with varying educational backgrounds.

  • Co-teach comprehensive curriculum plans to improve ELA skills for secondary grade level.

  • Specialized lessons planned for small group settings dedicated to children in need to further enrich current lessons.

  • Utilize up-to-date student achievement data to drive weekly planning and support; communicate key takeaways and recommendations to teachers and leaders.

Tutor/Teacher, Huntington Tutoring Center, Williamsville, NY                                                  September 2016 – January 2019

  • Provide comprehensive tutoring instruction in multiple subjects to students in various grade levels. Evaluate each individual student and adapt lesson plans and programs to fit their specific needs.

  • Implement in-depth SAT/ACT study and testing plans while evaluating sessions in Reading comprehension and Writing.

  • Work with and evaluate children with IEP and special needs.


  • Masters of Arts, English - University at Buffalo                                                                        June 2018​

  • Bachelors of Science, English - State University of New York, (SUNY)                    August 2014


  • National Tutoring Association Junior Board Member

  • NTA Certified Academic Tutor & Coach

  • Junior NTA Board Member

  • Khan Academy Certified

About Us: About Us
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