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Tutoring Services

Knowing what services your child needs is the first step towards helping students reach their academic goals. Scroll below to review our services and learn about how Just Knowledge Tutoring can make a difference today.

Standardized Test Preparation


For many colleges, standardized test scores play a large part in the application process. This makes it essential that students are properly prepared to take them. I work to create a customized lesson plan that will discover strengths and target weaknesses to improve target scores and overall study skills.

Short-term plan:

  • Provide strategies to breakdown difficult concepts

  • Familiarize students with test structure to improve time-management techniques

  • Create an effective practice schedule

Long-term plan:

  • Provide in-depth review of question types and strategies to recognize them

  • Tailor strategies to student’s individual strengths and weaknesses

  • Deliberate practice that focuses on improving weakness and refining strengths


Individual in-Person/Online Tutoring

Improve Academic Understanding & Gain Confidence

Students don’t always need extra help, but that doesn’t mean they can’t benefit from it. Even the smartest students can struggle to focus, stay organize, and study effectively. One-to-one tutoring sessions offer customized academic support for students of all learning levels. We will look to improve and encourage excellent study habits that help students persevere and succeed in and outside of their classrooms. Together, we will look to improve all subject scores as well as prepare for future learning.

One-to-One lessons Include:

  • Educational support and supplemental schoolwork in troublesome topics

  • Improvement in critical thinking and individual learning responsibilities

  • Lessons tailored to student’s interests to promote higher engagement

Online Tutorial

Executive Function Sessions

Overcome Learning Challenges

Sometimes students need stability and consistency to facilitate the learning process. Executive functioning sessions promote the learning and maintaining of key organizational practices that students must master to be academically successful. Students who struggle with skills such as organization, keeping track of materials, and maintaining focus while working will find these sessions uplifting. The goal is to help students learn to manage workloads, handle stress, and break down overwhelming problems into small, meaningful, and manageable steps.

Lessons Include:

  • Pinpoint best individualized learning practices

  • Improve and practice organizational skills and planning

  • Develop positive academic habits

Adult Students
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