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5 steps to improve SAT and ACT scores

Updated: May 19, 2021

It seems almost unfair that 4-hour tests weigh so heavily on a student’s college applications. Nonetheless, just like the journey to having and maintaining an excellent G.P.A., standardized tests require a disciplined and level-headed approach. To help you get started, here is a list of 5 key study tips that will improve standardized tests scores.

1. Practice Tests

The absolute first step to improving ANY standardized score is taking a practice exam. Scheduling a full practice exam before creating a study guide will uncover testing weaknesses and strengths. Students will become familiar with the formatting of the test while discovering a base score to work from. Plan to take a few more practice tests when your study guide is further developed to actively measure improvement and refine strategies.

2. Create an Effective Study Plan

Whether taking one of these comprehensive exams in two months or two weeks, having a schedule dedicated to studying will improve scores, curb test anxiety, and boost confidence. Studying haphazardly or cramming the week before will not lead to any lasting results. Instead, follow step one and take a practice test. After, block out specific days and times to study each sub-section of these tests and what areas cause struggle.

3. Not the What, but the How?

A common question is, “what should I study?” Think instead about how to study effectively. Although they are testing the subjects common among high schools, these exams are more based on assessing reasoning and problem-solving ability. Having a plan designated to each individual section leads to better preparation, as well as awareness of test questions that usually cause struggle.

4. Testing Dates with Resources

And sign up you must! The ACT can be scheduled on, while the SAT can be scheduled on Plan accordingly, as each test is offered at different times. Be sure to plan carefully, so as not to create an overwhelming schedule. Both tests are offered multiple times throughout the year, so consider looking for multiple resources, such as Just Knowledge Tutoring.

5. Look for a Tutor

Although this is a stressful time, you should consider looking for a professional tutor to help you create and execute an effective study plan. At Just Knowledge Tutoring, we provide thorough strategies and tailored tactics to improve standardized testing scores. Instead of going through this process single-handedly, let us help. With our already well-established knowledge, we can capably guide a student and parent through the learning process.

Reach out to us today to schedule your first session!

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